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Golisi S35 21700 - 2 Pack
Golisi S35 21700 - 2 Pack
Golisi S35 21700 - 2 Pack
Golisi S35 21700 - 2 Pack

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21700 BATTERY, 3750MAH 30A CDR

GOLISI S35 is a game changer, and it is one of the best 21700 cells in market.

S35 fulfils the niche demand of 21700 mods, it stands out with high Constant Discharging Current and hard-wearing wrap.

Capacity: 3750mAh

Constant Discharging: 30A

Power Range: 111W (3.7V * 30A) to 90W (3.0V *30A)

High Performance: The CDC keeps at 30A even only 30% of power left

  • Battery Type: IMR 21700 high drain battery, Pro series
  • Apply To: E-cig Mods, Flash Lights, Toys
  • Nominal Capacity: 3750mAh
  • Current: 30A / 40A
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
  • Discharging Cut-off Voltage: 2.75V
  • Charging Cut-off Voltage: 4.20±0.05V
  • Internal Resistance: 15mΩ
  • Safety Protection: Based on UL1642 standard, no leaking or explosion in extreme tests of overcharging, short circuit, over discharging, high temperature
  • Standard Charging Current: cc/cv(<=3A)
  • Fully Charged Time: Down to 2 hours (by using Golisi Charger)
  • Size (mm): Diameter 21 x Height 70
  • Net Weight: 180g
  • Cycle Times: >500
  • Operate Temperature: Charging (0 ~ 45°C) - Discharging (-20 ~ 60°C)
  • Certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC, MSDS, UN38.3, IEC62133,Drop test, sea shipping safety report, air shipping safety report
  • Storage Temperature: Room temperature, Dry Place


  • Use only a suitable external battery charger
  • Always turn off your Mods or E-cig before storing them
  • Protect unused batteries wherever they are stored with a suitable cover or case
  • Do not use a damaged or scratched battery
  • Do not use a battery beyond its amperage limit
  • Do not put a battery directly in the pocket
  • Do not place a battery in contact with metal objects
  • Do not disassemble, drill, squeeze, short-circuit or expose to water or excessively high temperatures
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